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New York City has lost thousands of Black homeowners over the last decade, and could lose even more as the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic accelerates.

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Since 2008, Center for NYC Neighborhoods has been helping homeowners at risk of foreclosure in New York City and throughout the state stay in their homes. In the years since the foreclosure crisis, we've expanded the scope of our work to provide a wider range of services, such as FloodHelpNY.org and HomeFix, researched the biggest issues affecting homeowners, and advocated for policies to preserve and protect affordable homeownership.

In 2019, the Center developed the Equitable Homeownership Blueprint: A Blueprint For Thriving Neighborhoods — a set of principles and proposals to expand healthy, sustainable, and affordable homeownership to New York's working families, to reverse decades of discrimination and exclusion against the city's Black and brown communities, and to begin to narrow the racial homeownership and wealth gaps.

The BHP was catalyzed in 2019 with leadership support from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. We are grateful to partner with them to build and maintain Black equity through the BHP.

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The Black Homeownership Project (BHP) is driven by interdisciplinary teams with members and leaders from across the organization, and incorporates practices of research justice with the goal of challenging power dynamics in research.

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